Sweet Words

Sooz is an exemplary consultant: quick to grasp what we wanted, a diplomatic critic, highly productive, respectful of our own time and efforts, and our budget. She is creative, perceptive – a clever wordsmith who captured the essence of who we are and what we do, and turned it into punchy prose. She is a joy to work with!
— John & Judith R. | The Grubb Company

As a spectacular Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Susan built our presence and interconnectivity with like-minded organizations and individuals in exponential fashion. We would not have enjoyed the kind of growth the GGSC has experienced without Susan’s brilliant eye and touch and razor sharp sense of priorities.
— Dacher Keltner, Founding Director, Greater Good Science Center, U.C. Berkeley
For leadership and good energy to make a project come together, there is no one better than Sooz Fassberg!  It became apparent minutes after meeting her that she was exactly who we needed to polish, tighten and manage the roll out of our company’s new website;  write our team biographies; and create and develop our collateral materials .  Simply put, Sooz made herself invaluable to my team and me, and we look forward to working with her to tackle new projects to make our company better!
— Danny Winker | Winkler Real Estate Group 
Sooz is the most viscerally creative professional I have ever worked with. She is a non-stop fountain of ideas, energizing, inspiring and just plain fun. She has the mind of an artist, and is able to apply that perspective strategically to advance organizational goals.
— Allyson Halpern, Dir. of Advancement, 826 Valencia

Sooz was a delight to work with from start to finish! She listened to what we were looking for, completed our project in a timely manner, and did an excellent job! We will absolutely be using her again and can’t recommend her enough.
— Stephanie Mull, Pacific Union International
I’ve had the honor to work with Sooz on projects for over 20 years. Flexible yet deadline-driven, creative and collaborative, she is the best. Exceptional knowledge and connections with the worlds of philanthropy, tech, journalism and trends.
— Margie O’Driscoll, Hon AIA, Design consultant & strategist
You’ve created one of the best marketing pieces - real estate or not, that I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t change anything; Great job!
— Dennis Kelly, Managing Principal Broker, Windemere Realty Trust, Portland, OR
Susan contributed to many projects, from developing marketing materials to strategy and outreach. We relied heavily on her insightful and candid feedback during our rebranding. Professional, dedicated, and a breeze to work with, she offered input that was invaluable to our organization’s growth. I strongly recommend her!
— Marilyn DeCalo, Education Director, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Responsive, adaptive and authentic, Susan helped us with our site and marketing collateral, producing quality work in a timely fashion. If you are looking to rewrite your marketing collateral or need help on your website, do not hesitate, Sooz will not disappoint.
— Matthew Joseph | Compass Real Estate
Working with Susan Fassberg has been a big success for our real estate team branding.  When we engaged her to write for our new website and team brochure, she exhibited an upbeat, can-do style starting with our first meeting.  The result of her efforts is clear, cohesive writing that perfectly tells our story. Thank you, Sooz!
— John Solaegui | Compass Real Estate

Sooz Fassberg is absolutely the best. Not only is she professional – so good at what she does – she is just the nicest person! She listened to us to produce booklets, complete our website and finish all our biographies. She made sure to highlight who we are and kept our company voice, polishing everything. She also gently pushed us to complete these projects and took the initiative when we were overwhelmed or just too busy. We love working with Sooz and look forward to working with her again.
— Sunny Kim | Winkler Real Estate Group 

Sooz has been on our Board for well over a decade. Her presence has been invaluable, from support and thoughtful advice to her crucial help with everything from governance to funder contact to outreach and marketing strategies… as well as her overall enthusiasm, creativity, and congeniality. Thank you, Sooz, you are a gem!
— Dr. Luisa Maffi, E.D., Terralingua.org
Sooz was wonderful to work with. She has an uncanny ability to quickly, effortlessly and concisely capture the essence of your message. I loved ALL of her suggestions and would love her continued help with our website. Sooz is awesome.
— Sue R. | COMPASS Real Estate
 After painful attempts to create a bio that was professional and truly captured me, Sooz did it and I am so grateful!   I love her collaborative style and appreciate her patience and diligence. Sooz made a previously tedious experience fun!
— Deb R. | COMPASS Real Estate
Meeting Sooz provided a pathway of clarity. Working with her allowed me to focus on what I wanted to express, rather than getting lost in figuring out the words for it. She gets to the essence of the value you bring to the world. And Sooz is intelligent, gracious and delightful to work with.
— Murline M. | COMPASS Real Estate
I love what Sooz wrote. She captured my voice right away.
— Soraya G. | Coldwell Banker
Sooz edited my portfolio and it flows perfectly.  She had the finesse to keep it personable yet on-point.
— Diane M. | Berkshire Hathaway Home Services