I’ve been flourishing in the world of marketing and communications for decades. As a connector and idea wrangler, I write for impact, quickly capturing your essence to shape written materials that reflect your voice and personality. I collaborate closely with talented graphic designers when given the chance, because content and design go hand-in-hand. I’m a professional nitpicker, too, proofreading and polishing so you don’t have to.  Whether you're starting from scratch, or simply want to refresh your brand, I'm here to help.    

Hoping to reach readers, clients, viewers, funders, or business partners? It's all about building connections.  I’ve been “linking people with ideas with people with ideas” since before networking was a thing. My curiosity fueled me, building expertise that moves projects and possibilities forward.  But most importantly, I LOVE finding the right people, or the right information, to advance remarkable ideas and good causes.


A long time ago, when telephones had wires and packaged cheese slices were new, I was into counseling psychology and social work. I spent a year sleeping regularly at the Maimonades Dream Lab in Brooklyn as part of a telepathy experiment, and whenever I could I took off traveling. At 20 I spent a full year abroad on my own, moving from the arctic circle to warmer southern climes. As luck (and love) would have it, several years later I lived outside the US, editing the European Journal of Immunology and teaching Touch for Health, a healing technique that combines acupressure and muscle testing. But I digress… Let’s jump to stateside efforts: As a publicist,  I launched the runaway bestseller "50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save the Earth” in 1989. Selling millions of books (including 3 million copies to the makers of Tampax) was thrilling! Next I created the first nationally distributed environmental gift basket and shipped thousands. Then back to books. Following six years in publishing, I tackled film, managing production coordination and research for prime-time producers at the BBC, ZDF, NDR and other foreign networks.


By 1993 my future was clear: I couldn’t wait to pursue a digital career and made the move to San Francisco to do just that. Every minute as Marketing Director for the launch and early years of was lively; I later transitioned to Business Development at Ask Jeeves.  After my son was born, I contributed to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley as Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. I’ve been carrying out assorted pro-social marketing deeds ever since, including ten years on the Board of Rockwood Leadership Institute, a Kickstarter campaign to fund a doc about food activist Vandana Shiva, and editing a report on the needs of freelance journalists. Wonderful clients also included The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, The Centre for Investigative Journalism in London, and The Paul Ekman Group.

In addition to writing and consulting, I create greeting cards which highlight universal expressions in languages from around the world. Take a peek. I’ve been collecting unusual words for a very long time. Fluent in French, German, and Spanish, I am fascinated by how language directs our awareness to certain facets of life, depending on what tongue we speak. The nonprofit Terralingua studies and reports on the interconnection of species diversity and cultural and linguistic diversity. I’m so happy to serve on their board, as I have for more than 13 years.

Want to know more? You’re curious! No worries; I keep my LinkedIn page up to date.